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Are you tired of manually managing your trades and constantly worrying about market fluctuations? Say goodbye to the stress and welcome VishvaAlgo v3.0, the ultimate trading solution designed to revolutionize your trading experience. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, VishvaAlgo empowers traders to maximize profitability while effectively managing risks. Let’s explore the latest enhancements and how VishvaAlgo sets itself apart from other bots in the market.

Previously Developed Algorithm based on same concept for Neural Networks:

Using Neural Networks Models:

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This above article covers ensemble method combining TCN and LSTM neural network models has demonstrated exceptional performance across various datasets, outperforming individual models and even surpassing buy and hold strategies. This underscores the effectiveness of ensemble learning in improving prediction accuracy and robustness.

Using Machine learning (Boosting) Models:

From 54% to a Staggering 4648%: Catapulting Cryptocurrency Trading with CatBoost Classifier, Machine Learning Model at Its Best — Link

This above article covers the ensemble method, particularly employing classifiers such as Random Forest, Gradient Boosting, and CatBoost, has demonstrated exceptional returns with a stop loss of 10% and take profit of 2.5%, yielding an impressive return of 4648% over 1022 days, while maintaining a high winning rate of 81.17%. CatBoost’s stellar performance within the ensemble can be attributed to its effective handling of categorical features, robustness to noise, and automatic management of missing values, suggesting its adaptability across various market conditions.

Previous Article about the product VishvaAlgo v.2.0, V2.2 and Its Features:

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In addition to the latest updates mentioned earlier in above article, VishvaAlgo incorporates several additional features and enhancements to elevate your trading experience:

Functionality to Remove TP and SL Positions: Take profit (TP) and stop loss (SL) open positions are now automatically removed if the symbol is closed or not in an open position, ensuring optimal trade management and risk mitigation.

Automatic setup and deletion of stoploss and takeprofit orders for open positions
A simple function to shutdown all open positions and orders. Apart from automatic cancellation, we can close all trades through one click

Symbol Cooldown Feature: VishvaAlgo introduces a symbol cooldown feature, imposing a one-hour cooldown period after exiting from an open position. This cooldown period enhances trade stability and reduces the risk of overtrading.

Blocks symbol as per the time interval we set

Maximum Number of Trades Limit: Users now have the capability to limit the maximum number of trades (max_trades), allowing for better control over trading activity and risk exposure. Additionally, a toggle for custom_assets enables seamless customization of trading parameters for enhanced flexibility.

Whenever Max Trades are reached, it will show on logs

Enhanced Update Process for Open Positions: The update process for open_positions has been enhanced to ensure accurate and timely updates once an asset is closed. This improvement streamlines trade management and tracking, providing users with up-to-date insights into their trading activities.

based on the open_positions shown up here, necessary actions the bot will take further to open any new limit orders or close orders and positon as needed

Trade Data Saving and Analysis: VishvaAlgo v3.0 now features the ability to save all trades for all coins into a .txt file for future analysis. The introduction of an Analyze class enables comprehensive analysis of all saved_positions.txt trades, offering users an overview of their overall profit and loss summary.

All trades that bot has taken, gets saved in file and later retrived for analysis of PnL

Individual and Combined Trade Performance Tracking: Users can now view and save individual performance and combined total performance of trades for comprehensive analysis and tracking. This feature provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of trading strategies and enables informed decision-making.

Overall trades bot has taken and also every individual asset performance also can be tracked

With these additional features and enhancements, VishvaAlgo v3.0 offers unparalleled functionality, reliability, and performance for traders of all levels. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your trading journey with VishvaAlgo v3.0.

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Latest Updates for VishvaAlgo v3.0 Using Neural Network and Machine Learning model for Live Cryptocurrency Trading on Multiple Assets at once with Customization of Trading Setup for Each Individual Asset:

VishvaAlgo v3.0 introduces several groundbreaking updates tailored to meet the diverse needs of traders:

Volume-Based Custom Assets Segregation: Custom assets are now categorized based on volume, allowing for efficient trading and optimal asset selection.

custom_assets get sorted automatically based on 24 hours volume and gets updated every 1 hour

ROI-Based Profit Targeting: The bot automatically closes trades when predefined profit percentage thresholds are reached within specified time intervals, ensuring maximum profitability while minimizing risk.

roi is set individually for each asset in specific

Trailing Stop Loss: Enjoy peace of mind with automatic adjustment of stop loss trigger prices and activation, enabling traders to secure profits and minimize losses.

every asset has its own unique leverage, TRAILING_STOP_PCT, roi’s, stop loss, take profit defined separately

Improved Error Handling: Enhanced error handling mechanisms ensure smoother operation and reliability, providing a seamless trading experience.

All methods, functions, classes are built within try, except handlers to handle error and also using threading so that bot doesn’t stop because of any error occurring in the code during processing

Rate Limit Handling: VishvaAlgo intelligently manages rate limits while fetching trade data from APIs, optimizing data retrieval and processing efficiency.

used backoff to slow down if rate limit is reached

Flexible Feature Activation: Users have the flexibility to toggle between activating ROI targeting and trailing stop loss features based on their trading preferences and market conditions.

roi_enabled, trailing_enabled, custom_assets_enabled, unlimited_trades these all can be enabled or disabled as user needs

Custom Object Support for TCN Model: Integration of TCN neural network model support expands predictive accuracy and analysis capabilities.

Building own custom metrics and running own model with dataset and find best suitable model to use for trading, we have given over 10 models to hyperopt and train.

hyperoptimzation of TCN Neural Network model with custom f1 metric added

Model Identification in Custom Assets: Model names are now included in the custom_assets.txt file for improved clarity and ease of reference, streamlining asset management and configuration.

each asset gets saved automatically by the model it got hyperoptimized by along with best suitable trading setup

Profitability Showcase:

I have entered with 10 USDT per trade but you can check that the bot has been making huge profits on each trade automatically for last 20+ hours with around 30+ trades taken and only 1 loss out of all.

Here are some screenshots showcasing the impressive profits generated by VishvaAlgo v3.0:

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VishvaAlgo v3.0 Advancements in Risk Management:

VishvaAlgo v3.0 leads the market in risk management capabilities. Unlike traditional bots that offer common risk management settings for all assets, VishvaAlgo empowers traders with:

  • Individualized Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop, ROI targeting, and Leverage settings for each asset.
  • Dynamic ROI-based profit targeting ensures profits are locked in at optimal levels.
  • Trailing Stop Loss functionality protects profits while allowing for potential upside.
  • Seamless integration of ML and neural network models for predictive analysis and fine-tuning trading strategies.


Experience the future of trading with VishvaAlgo v3.0. With its advanced features, unparalleled risk management capabilities, and ease of integration of ML and neural network models, VishvaAlgo is the ultimate choice for traders seeking consistent profits and peace of mind. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your trading journey.

Purchase Link: VishvaAlgo V3.0 Live Crypto Trading Using Machine Learning Model

Experience the future of trading with VishvaAlgo v3.0 and unlock new possibilities in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

Disclaimer: Trading involves risk. Past performance is not indicative of future results. VishvaAlgo is a tool to assist traders and does not guarantee profits. Please trade responsibly and conduct thorough research before making investment decisions.

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